Mortgage Lender in Boardman, OH

The Benefits

See why a Conventional Loan is a great choice choice for those wanting wider options.

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  • No Mortgage Insurance
    Mortgage insurance is not required for loans when you are able to put 20% or more toward the down payment. Many other loan programs require mortgage insurance for the life of the loan; avoiding mortgage insurance can equate to substantial savings long-term.
  • Buy out Mortgage Insurance
    Even if you choose to put 15% or 10% down, you can choose to buy out your PMI
  • Automatic Mortgage Insurance Cancellation
    Even if you do not have 20% to put toward your initial down payment, with a conventional loan, once your loan-to-value reaches 78% of the purchase price, your servicer will automatically remove the mortgage insurance premium, saving you money over the life of the loan.
  • Varying Property Types
    Conventional loans may be used for primary residence, 2nd homes, and investment property whereas most other loan programs are only available on primary residences.
  • No Funding Fee
    Conventional loans do not require an upfront finance fee or guarantee fee.

Check Eligibility

See if you meet the requirements for a Conventional home loan.

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  • Credit score ≥ 640
  • 3% down, gift funds accepted
  • Debt-to-income ratio less than 45%
  • Documentation of income and funds to close
  • Additional underwriting requirements will vary by borrower situation